Tiens Herbal Weight Loss Blend




Tiens Weight Loss Tea 

Tiens Weight Loss Tea is a safe, effective approach to achieving your optimal healthy weight. It helps you to lose weight naturally and gradually by cleansing and tonifying your digestive system and improving your circulatory system. *

With Tiens Weight Loss Tea, we are offering a common sense approach to weight control that safely and gently allows you to meet your weight loss goals and more. *


[Main Ingredients]


Lotus Leaf: (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.)

Helps to reduce abdominal cramping, and supports the normal functioning of the digestive system so that food can break down effectively in the body. It also helps support the cardiovascular system.



Cassia Seeds: (Cassia obtusifolia L.)

A very natural-acting laxative, which can help maintain regularity safely and effectively.